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IT Consulting

Introspect IT Consultancy can help your business by providing independent advice and support on all aspects of software, hardware and day-to-day processes.

System Planning

Establish the plans for creating the system that you require by Objectively assessing and establishing the key issues that are affecting your business.

System Analysis

Close collaboration with your staff to collect, comprehend, and fomalise business requirements to make the system most successful. Specification of system accomplishment and functional hierarchy.

Process Improvement

The technical blueprint of the system is created by choosing amongst the architectural designs that will best suit your organisations system and future needs.

System Development

Developing the phsyical system by executing the architectured design to provide you a system that is built to meet your exact needs and requirements.


The hardware and software systems are installed in your organisation and user guidance manauals are provided. Users are provided system training through workshops or online web based training.

Support Mainenance

We can provide a help desk to support your system users to aid technical difficulties and help answer your questions, and when necessary system changes can also be implemented.


A model of the proposed system can be defined displaying the necessary system characteristics. This will provide a view of the basic screens and reporting detail. Having this information available will allow the system to be evaluated and revised with proposed recommendations in order to have the system reach its maximum potenial.

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